Audit and assurance services typically comprise statutory audits based on the requirements of UK law. For clients that require this service we offer a highly focused and risk based audit approach that targets specifically the most relevant areas where risks are highest. This approach is individually designed for each client to provide the most useful service and enables us to provide additional benefits about processes, controls and management to the client.

If a statutory audit is not required it is not sensible to offer such a 'one size fits all' service to the client. In such cases the additional benefits can be derived much more directly by designing a special consultancy focused audit that ensures that time is as effectively used to identify all issues the client the client wishes to have an external opinion on.

Our practice comprises members of staff up to the partner level that have a wide range of audit experience ranging from small owner managed businesses were finance providers have requested an audit up to international groups of companies with multi million pound turnover.

Our flexible, individually designed approach will ensure that in all cases to most efficient outcome is ensured, particularly in the non-statutory, business advice orientated engagements or special assurance type work like due diligence.

Services include:

Statutory audits

Non-statutory audits

Business health check

Business development

Business consultancy

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