We offer a highly customised service that is designed for foreign companies, from initial company formation to ongoing support.

Our services are designed to assist foreign companies in all aspects of the process of setting up and running the business, so that the foreign management can focus their efforts on the development of the business and its commercial challenges.

We offer support in the areas of accountancy and bookkeeping, audit services, corporate and private taxation including PAYE (payroll) and company secretarial support. All the details given about our services in the individual sections of this website are available for foreign start-ups and foreign established businesses in a specifically customised version.

We like to stress the fact however that for a foreign business to be successful in the UK quite a number of issues will come up relatively soon that are less related to the more commercial issues as such but are situated more in the area of higher skills and management of human resources and how the work is structured and organised.

Such higher level services are of prime importance to make the presence in a foreign country a success and achieve good levels of productivity. If this area is neglected or the potential issues are not recognised, unnecessary conflicts might arise that hinder the development of the business. Our extensive knowledge in the area of differences in management and business culture from our work for a wide range of businesses can be utilised by our clients to avoid problems and achieve a better business performance.


Our services to foreign businesses comprise:

Company formation

Bookkeeping set-up and support

Business planning and advice

Management accounting and strategic support

Statutory accounts and regulatory support

Statutory audit and assurance services and special audits

Tax compliance and planning

Free consultation meetings during start-up and ongoing email and face to face support


All the above services can be individually tailored and are offered on our fixed fee terms.

Based on our international approach we are in a unique position to offer our professional services particularly to foreign subsidiaries. Our practice comprises senior members of staff with a truly international background and in depth knowledge of international business environments.

As a consequence we are able to offer professional services that go beyond the conventional compliance based work and help you to understand the business environment in the United Kingdom.

The 'Business tax' tab on this website gives the most detailed overview of our services that are relevant for foreign subsidiaries as well.

In this section we want to draw your attention particularly on audit and assurance services in international groups, where significant cost savings are obtainable to clients and the wider consultancy based support work we can offer when clients deal in international work environments.

Our practice has experienced staff with a strong audit background ranging fro small to medium sized owner managed businesses up to larger UK based businesses or international groups.

We offer a comprehensive range of audit and assurance based work including more specialist audit services. Corporation tax compliance and planning work goes naturally with this type of service.

We can specifically support businesses in areas where international differences in management and business styles play a role and help with related subjects and organisational questions to make international teams work productively and benefit the further development of the foreign subsidiary.

We particularly draw your attention that businesses in the United Kingdom can freely chose their business advisers even in statutory areas like audit and accountancy. Significant cost savings can the realised if a United Kingdom based small to medium size practice provides the services for the national subsidiary in support of the larger group wide lead auditor. We strongly encourage you to actively compare prices and obtain quotes for the services you require.


Specific services for foreign subsidiaries include:

Statutory audit and assurance services

Special audit services to enhance profitability and business development

Support in international management and human resource management

Management accounting and strategic support

Statutory accounts and regulatory support

Tax compliance and planning


Foreign employees

Similar to our work for individuals in the United Kingdom we are offering a more specialist service to foreign individuals and their specific requirements.

We can assist employers as part of their strategic planning on issues of taxation for employees in the foreign subsidiary and equally offer tax compliance and tax planning services to foreign employees in the United Kingdom.

This type of service comprises not only the core support in getting the tax affairs organised but it stretches to wider areas of United Kingdom business environments, organisational styles and management structures.

Individuals working in a foreign country may find it highly beneficial to exchange knowledge and advice with people who understand fully this background and the challenges it can provide. As part of our personal taxation service for individuals we offer these additional benefits where standard service providers lack the necessary expertise.


Our services to foreign employees include:

Personal tax compliance and tax planning

Specific consultancy on international work environments

International tax planning and tax design for expatriates

Advise on career planning and personal development in foreign business environments

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