For all businesses, whether established or newly set up, the ever changing business environment and marketplace provides a number of challenges. Foreign businesses have in addition to deal with differences in the work environment, the style of work is performed and similar issues ranging from differences in information culture, management styles and employees organisational expectations to differences in the legal framework, marketing conditions and business customs. Even the style in which public sector bodies like the tax authorities or other regulatory institutions work are significantly different.

To make a business truly efficient and successful such considerations need to be taken into account. As our practice is uniquely international in its focus and comprises not only foreign language speaking staff but foreign staff itself we are in a position to assist businesses in this area of softer skills. Our particular focus is on German subsidiaries in the United Kingdom but we can offer support in similar circumstances for other foreign subsidiaries.

Our consultancy services therefore go beyond the mere standard analysis of business environments and the actual conditions and systems existing in the entities. We have an outward focus in all the consultancy work we do, identifying the bottlenecks for businesses with the aim to achieve sustainable success for our clients.

Based on the accountancy work we can assist in the establishment of business strategies and deal with all challenges and issues that might be coming up along the way. Our clients achieve a much better integration in the United Kingdom business environment as a result.

Similar advice is part of our service for individual, mainly tax clients. Those clients benefit from similar consultancy particularly if they are foreign individuals on a secondment to the United Kingdom or intend to stay for longer periods as part of their international career development. We assist such individuals not only in tax related matters but can give advice on how business is actually done in the United Kingdom, how working practices and organisational structures and expectations differ to other European countries and how it is possible to integrate such differences in a beneficial way into the own personal strategy during the period of time in the United Kingdom.

Services include

Business planning and advice

Structural health checks, efficiency reviews

International consulting, cross border advice

International management and organisation

Consultancy on business culture and work environments

Advice for foreign employees in the United Kingdom

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