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Welcome to heinemann & co


heinemann & co is a progressive, independent firm of international experts providing a wide range of accounting, audit and business advisory and business development services including tax compliance and tax planning work.


Our services cover:

Statutory audits

Non-statutory audits and business health checks

Accountancy services

Business development and advice

Corporation tax compliance and planning

Personal tax including related taxes (capital gains tax, inheritance tax)

Business start ups and foreign subsidiaries in the United Kingdom


Benefits to clients:

Free initial consultation

Fixed fees on all type of work performed

Agreed time frames, strict delivery to a precise deadline

Unlimited email support and agreed number of meetings as part of package

Highly individualised and customised approach in all work undertaken

Effective and efficient service, no extras sold that are not required

Clear channels of communication to keep client informed on a timely basis


Our work is recognised for:

Friendly, personal service

Efficient service, good value for money in all work undertaken

Dedicated senior member of staff for best communication with client

Helping businesses to increase profits, efficiency and wealth

Approach to understand the individual business and develop customised solutions


Our practice has highly trained staff with a wide range of knowledge in the above mentioned areas of service. We have an international focus, but not exclusively, and specialise in foreign subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom.

In addition to our speciality for international and particularly subsidiary companies from a German speaking background in the United Kingdom, we have experience in providing services to a wide range of clients, from small owner managed companies to international groups, whether owned by foreign parent companies or entirely United Kingdom based.

We offer compliance based work in the areas of accountancy, statutory audit and taxation , including highly tailored special business advice and business development services including consultancy on particular challenges like managing international teams across cultural borders.

We provide detailed expertise from international members of staff, who not only speak the foreign language but have an in depth knowledge of business styles and customs in other European Countries. As a consequence our service goes far beyond the standard type of compliance work and will make a significant contribution to the success of your business.

Our practice is well connected to other business advisers and consultants on a wide range of services and matters. In case we cannot help directly we will be able to point businesses and individuals into the right direction and can refer them to the best possible source of advice and support available.

Our practice is dedicated to provide quality service in each and every situation and will only do so in the most effective and efficient way with the aim to maximise the benefits to our continuously increasing client base. Only on the basis of a convincing service to clients we believe we can be successful ourselves.